Discordtip Bot: Tutorial and guide on how to use the Discordtip Bot!

POA Community - Discordtip Bot Overview

The objective of this tutorial is to show users how to optimize the use and functionality of the Discordtip bot for the POA Community on Discord. The tutorial will cover:

  • How to deposit and withdraw funds
  • How to send and receive tips
  • How to check wallet balance
  • Other Discordtip bot tips

Please note, in order to join the POA Community on Discord, you must first create an account. Once created, you can join the POA channel by clicking on the following invite:

Once you join Discord, your Discord wallet will automatically be generated for your account.

Depositing POA on Discord

Step 1: In order to deposit POA to your Discord account, simply type ‘!Deposit’ into the message bar and enter.

Note: You may do this in any chat server however Discordtip Bot will send you a direct message when requesting your for your address.

Step 2: Head to your direct messages by selecting the ‘Discord’ icon on the top left bar and select ‘Discordtip’ under Direct Messages’

Step 3 - Discordtip bot will provide you your wallet address as a message. Use the address to deposit your Discord POA wallet

Withdrawing POA on Discord

Step 1 - In order to withdraw POA to your Discord account, simply type ‘!Withdraw’ along with ‘POA’ in one message. You can do this directly in the direct message with Discordtip bot.

Step 2 - Confirm the withdrawal wallet address

Step 3 - Confirm your POA withdrawal quantity

Step 4 - Confirm the transaction by responding with ‘yes

Step 5 - Discordtip Bot will provide you with a transaction hash.

Sending and Receiving Tips on Discord

Sending and receiving tips on Discord is quite simple. On a chat server, enter ‘!tip’ followed by a username, quantity, and token and Discordtip bot will do the rest! Other than providing the tipper their username, there is no action required on the receiver. Below is an example of a tip command and execution:

Check your wallet balance on Discord

To check your wallet balance on Discord, type ‘iBal’ along with the currency on a chat server or direct message with Discordtip bot. Below is an example of how to check your discord wallet balance:

Discordtip bot tips!

For a full list of commands, check out the following Discordtip bot site: