Does blockscout have a status page to view server status?

I’m trying to use and am getting a 522 error (server timeout). I’m wondering if there is a “status” page for blockscout so we can see what the server status is, and see when there are planned an unplanned downtimes.


At the moment I’m not sure exactly about the wait time I’m receiving the same notification but if you have your order number from the block you can check status information on

  • keith

there is a status page here
please let us know if you need more metrics there

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My dad sent me etc to coinbase and it appears to me pending for more than 20 hours, why can’t I receive my coins? I need someone to solve the problem for me please

Please do not post to unrelated threads. Also you should contact Coinbase. This forum is for xDai and POA networks so your problem seems to be absolutely out of scope of this forum.