Does Number of ICO tokens Represent ALL Desired tokens in the contract - or Just for ICO CrowdSale?

I just want to clarify this before registering my ICO…
Should we add all of the tokens desired for our token sale - or just the amount we want to sell in the Crowdsale?

I have heard that if you don’t sell all of your tokens in ICO, the funds go back to investors, is that true with POA Crowdsales? Given that POA creates your token contract, i’m confused as to whether should we create the contract will all of our tokens- or just enough for a crowdsale?

For example, we want 100M tokens for our coin when it hits exchanges, but we are also aware that we can sell many of these through ICO… but we don’t want to set ourselves up for failure if say, we only sell 50k tokens. Does POA’s contract return the coins in the event of us not sellign every coin?

I hope this is clear. Thanks!

I guess you are talking about ICO Wizard.

ICO Wizard has no refund strategy.

All amount of tokens after the crowdsale = sold (it is less or equal supply=hardcap) + reserved tokens in step 2.

If you’ll make your crowdale updatable, you’ll be able to decrease your hardcap before crowdsale, if your feel, that you won’t reach current hardcap.