DXdao <> xDai Collaboration

Hi xDai community, this is @Powers, a contributor to DXdao. I wanted to explore areas where the DXdao and xDai communities could collaborate on.

DXdao already has a base deployed on xDai, where we conduct the majority of our governance, paying out contributors and contractors, while also using it for signal proposals to REP holders. Additionally, all of DXdao’s products have been live on xDai for several months.

  • Omen has an xDai version] but also uses xDai in the background for users coming in through mainnet.
  • Swapr has over $3.5m liquidity on xDai, with plans to launch farming campaigns
  • Mesa v1 is currently available on GP v1, and Mesa v2 will soon deploy to xDai

In total, DXdao has almost $4m assets on xDai from its treasury and as an LP in Swapr. DXdao also recently purchased 7,829 STAKE intended for liquidity provisioning on Swapr.

Over the last few months the DXdao community has become very familiar with xDai, Blockscout, the Omni/xDai bridge and a host of other products that your community has built.

I wanted to explore opportunities between the communities, particularly for Omen and Swapr and how they can take advantage of the Ecosystem Fund that was announced on March 31. Two upcoming DXdao initiatives that could be relevant.

  • Swapr Beta will launch soon and feature a do-it-yourself farming platform (on xDai and Mainnet). It would be great if xDai sponsored a STAKE liquidity mining campaign on Swapr xDai and Swapr mainnet.
  • Omen is planning to launch OMN token along with a liquidity mining campaign. Gnosis and Kleros are also discussing incentives) for Omen. xDai should consider sponsoring a similar program on Omen to incentivize liquidity providers. DXdao could also explore .

I think the immediate opportunity is on Swapr and I think the model is the STAKE incentives for Sushiswap, which passed a couple days ago on a Snapshot vote. I can’t speak for DXdao, but I believe the community would be very interested in this arrangement and hope the xDai community would be too, given DXdao’s long standing commitment to xDai and the amount of capital it holds there.

There are some differences as DXdao also likes to provide liquidity itself and DXD is not really a farming token, but there are discussions about launching SWPR token sometime in the near future.

Anyway, wanted to kickstart the conversation on ways for xDai community and DXdao to collaborate in general

Tangentially related, DXdao holds its STAKE on xDai. Is there a way for this to be enabled for Snapshot voting?


Thanks @Powers

To expand on a couple of these opportunities, I wanted to outline why and how these initiatives could benefit the xDai ecosystem and STAKE holders.

Opportunity #1: Sponsoring Liquidity mining rewards for Swapr

Benefits to the xDai community:

  • Unique: Swapr brings a unique DEX experience to xDai
  • Features: With it’s eco-routing which the xDai team has shared with its community, it becomes the ideal DEX to swap any tokens on xDai, as it always gives the user the best price no matter which DEX it’s on.
  • Farming: Swapr’s new farming interface allows a mostly “permissionless” farming ability for any project in the xDai ecosystem, including multi-token rewards, timelocks and caps.
  • DXdao Capital: Regarding Swapr’s liquidity, DXdao is leading with its own capital by injecting capital into important pools on xDai, so far with a focus to increase liquidity on pools that are lacking. This creates an important ecosystem growth effect.
  • Multi DEX benefits: Multiple DEX’s with good liquidity operating on xDai leads to more trading, more users, more arbitrage, and more attention.
  • Healthy Ecosystem: Once xDai has more DEX liquidity, it will attract more products and dapps that can only come to xDai once there is sufficient liquidity for certain tokens. There are many protocols that are dependent on sufficient token liquidity.

Opportunity #2: Omen liquidity mining campaign

Benefits to the xDai community:

  • Unique: Omen is a flagship prediction market platform that has expanded by leveraging xDai Chain.
  • Features: It showcases the Tight Integration that allows users to access and use Omen running on xDai while signing with a mainnet wallet. This technology creates a great multichain user experience and opens up new doors for Dapps to leverage xDai Chain
    • Promotion of Gnosis Safe technology on xDai - Gnosis Safes are in the news today, but showcases that Safe has been on xDai for quite a while already!
  • Capital: Omen on xDai brings capital and users to xDai Chain. The wider awareness of Omen, the better for xDai
  • Marketing partnership: DXdao and xDai have done some cross promotion in the past (mainly on Twitter) around products and features
  • STAKE Expansion: By request of and in partnership with xDai team, STAKE was added as the only other collateral token on xDai Omen which allows Omen markets to be created using STAKE. Increasing activity around this would be beneficial to Omen, xDai and STAKE holders
  • New Use Cases brings new Users: Omen as a platform has plans to begin expanding the ways Omen can be used.
    • One idea around this is to create Conditional Token incentives for projects to incentive their communities (similar to UMA KPI tokens)
    • As this program is built out, this would become a valuable tool to many projects in the space and draw them over to leverage this functionality on xDai
  • BlockScout highlight: Omen is a key product that uses ERC1155 tokens as the Conditional Tokens. Omen usage and expansion can help promote and bring attention to BlockScout’s ability to support ERC1155 tokens on xDai

Additional Opportunity

With OMEN and SWPR token launches on the horizon and talk of friendly airdrops, the STAKE holder community would be an ideal audience to receive OMEN and SWPR tokens as ideal participants in the governance systems of Omen and Swapr.

Would love to hear thoughts and feedback from the xDai community and STAKE holders.

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This all sounds awesome so far, very thorough and seems like it would help the xDai ecosystem and potentially the user experience as well. I especially like the additional opportunity mentioned at the end, as I think it’s important to reward STAKE delegators where possible.


Thanks for sharing.

This thread was to help kickoff discussions on the overall topic with the xDai community and the DXdao community.

After some further discussions in the chat channels, it likely makes sense to separate the two Proposals each with specific goals in mind and also likely different timing.

Opportunity #1 would be the first opportunity, to coincide with the imminent launch of Swapr’s Farming tools.