EIP 1155 gateway

Hey fam, as noted here:

Our wearables are an EIP 1155 contract:

But it’s way too expensive to transfer / sell these wearables. We’d like to be able to sell them for $1 or something, so we were thinking XDAI.

Is it possible to transfer multiple issues of a EIP 1155 onto the xdai network with a single Ether transaction? Eg, transfer 300 copies of wearable #123 onto xdai, so that we can transfer them around more cheaply, and sell stuff for xdai.

Hi @bnolan! We have the Arbitrary Message Bridge that is able to transfer any information from one chain to another.
The bridge is already deployed between the Ethereum Mainnet and the xDai chain. There are several working examples: it is able to transfer ERC20 tokens, NFT tokens. The main idea that anyone can develop an extension for the bridge to pass the messages to another chain. So, it requires some efforts from your side. The good thing that this report is just to develop contracts and you don’t need to setup the oracles to serve entire bridge.

Please take a look and see if it is suitable for you.

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Ok, thanks akolotov. I’m ok with doing a bit of work. Do you have a link to an example NFT contract? I assume it’s a contract that takes existing NFTs and locks them down while they are being used on the POA chain? Or do I have to deploy a new NFT contract that includes the code for locking down NFTs while the are on the POA network?

Sorry if my questions aren’t clear, I’m a bit new to all this.

@bnolan well, in the last autumn we did an experiment with moving a clone of criptokitties from one chain to another: https://docs.tokenbridge.net/amb-bridge/how-to-use-cryptokitties-bridge.
Another example is ENS mirroring extension for AMB we are currently developing: https://github.com/poanetwork/amb-mediators/tree/master/contracts/amb_ens_mirroring