EIP-1559 update and saving the hassle. :)

Hey, guys.

It’ll be super interesting to see the effects of EIP-1559 on the first live blockchain in practice - so cool to have xDai enabling these insights even before Mainnet!

We’ll update our Gas metrics dashboard accordingly, and our JSON-RPC service API will also be ready.

As a friendly reminder and hassle-saver - long-time validator and contributor Anyblock provides a reliable JSON-RPC service API to connect you to the xDai network. Alerting and archive data via ElasticSearch and SQL included.

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Is the EIP-1559 work imminent? I’ve been watching carefully to keep my clients updated.

There’s no upgrade block in the spec.json

and the roadmap says around August 4th, which is the date I’ve been targeting for my prep. If it’s any sooner I’d really appreciate knowing.

EIP-1559 is currently not activated on xDai chain. Also, there is no set date for its activation. Page in the docs will be updated/there will be an official announcement, once the date for activation is known.


Hey, guys. Just a quick heads-up that we’ve released a new version of our dashboards!
If you care about blockchain data insights, go ahead and have some serious fun.

Here’s a quick run-down:

  • What is new? Great UI!
  • What has been added? - Lightning speed! Lots of it.
  • What’s to be expected? - A bunch of new dashboards metrics soon.

Where is all this goodness, you say? Well, here you go: gas and network. Token metrics are also available there.

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