Elizabeth Das, MN- Notary Pending

Hello everyone, I am Elizabeth Das, I am currently pursuing a notary license in Minnesota. I am a high school science teacher here. I got interested in the block- chain technology in early 2017 when my brother mentioned it to me. Since then I devoted quite a bit of studying this and learning about it. I have an aws account and I have foundational knowledge of the Linux environment , I have been using the Red hat Linux in AWS for my practice to gain more knowledge about it.What got me the most interested in the POA network, is its Proof of Authority (POA) consensus system and faster scaling mechanism.

Apart from this , in my personal life other than teaching high school students I spend time camping during the summer time or sometimes playing tennis.I am very excited to be a part of this forum and community and gain more insight knowledge about the network and the people here.

Name : Elizabeth Das
Notary : license pending