Emanuel "Manny" Hernandez - Nashville, TN Notary Public

Hey There!

My Name is Emanuel Hernandez but I am known in the Space as Manny Hernandez.

I am the CEO of Click Cash Marketing, Inc a marketing firm that specializes on Direct Response Marketing for Fortune 500 Companies. I am from Puerto Rico but I live in Nashville, TN. I like to Travel a lot and I am often bouncing back and forth from Nashville, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Honduras. I consider all four countries my home. Former US Army 5th Special Forces Group Soldier.

I discovered Bitcoin back in 2010 while purchasing some Mailing Scripts in an online forum. At the time I assumed that it was a new “in game” currency so I didn’t pay too much attention to it when I was asked to pay that mailing script in Bitcoin. In 2013 when Bitcoin made news due to the MT GOX Hack I was bangign my head on the wall for not doing proper research back when I paid that script in Bitcoin in 2010.

From that point on I started my journey and I never looked back. I became an expert BTC and Altcoin Miner (1.5 PHs to-date) I am also quite experienced running masternodes for POS type chains and I am aware of the level of maintenance they require, every time I launch and run a node for a blockchain I always take extra steps to bulletproof my node to ensure a 99.99% uptime with service monitor systems. I also started researching and investing in projects that aim to help moving the whole space forward. I also work with some projects teams advising them on proper marketing practices for their respective projects.

I discovered POA back in december when some friends from a Discord Community told me about it and I fell in love with the project. I have always being an advocate of projects that are not after the HYPE but that look to make the adoption of blockchain technology easier for companies and regular people. I think that POA interoperability play in the space will truly help projects achieve their goals faster and easier than other chains. I am a true evangelist of the project and I cannot thank Igor and the team enough for making this happen.

I look forward to help as much as I can and I know that the more responsible Validators the Network gets the better for the system so this is the natural step for me to continue to help this project move forward.

Name: Emanuel Hernandez
Notary Public Commission Number: 2498279
Commission Expiration Date: 07-09-2022
Bond Number: 42169077N
State of Tennessee Public Notary Search: https://tnsos.net/notaries/notarydetail.php?NotaryID=2498279


Eh, why did you remove it?

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Thanks for the clarifications. I have submitted my request again. My goal is to help as much as I can with the skills that I have acquired over all my years in the Marketing and Crypto Space.

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Hello Emanuel,

Welcome to the forum. Impressive background and happy to see you here.
Please update your notary data once become available. Any chance to find you via LinkedIn?

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Yes I am just waiting for the county council to have their next meeting as its when they approve new applications.

Here is my Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/in/mannyhernandez1/

But I must tell you that in the space I am on Linkedin is not used much. We use mostly Facebook and Twitter so here are my profile links for those as well.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MannyWisdom
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MannyWisdom

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Welcome to the forum, Manny. There has been a lot of discussion on Telegram about the marketing of POA or in the opinion of some a lack thereof. The technology is here. The future possibilities of connecting networks via horizontal scalability and all the applications for the bridge/cross-chain transactions are very exciting and a foundation for the future.

  • As a marketing professional, what would be your marketing strategy?
  • How would you market POA Network to new partners?
  • What can we, the community, do to help?
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Hey Alexander,

Thanks for that warm welcome. Those are great questions.

Some of the things I found interesting about this project is that when I go asking around events, and contacts about POA it seems like Nobody knows what POA is or what it does. I was amazed to see that such great project have been flying under the radar for so long.

The first reason for that is that when it first launched the name was no POA so all the marketing efforts during the ICO were lost from a branding perspective but the brand name change was needed so in the long run was the best decision.

I think that so far POA is doing great as it has being focusing on the technology and releasing something that once marketed, people and companies can come and use. You see many other big names projects pumping high on price but when you look under the hood they got nothing yet. That is a very bad strategy for a long term approach. If you focus on marketing big when your project is just speculation still, you’ll get hit hard with massive dumps if or when a delay on the roadmap takes place. So POA have done great on that side. Instead of Marketing big they went hard into development to ensure delivery.

Well but now we are here. Bridges were released and the team has done a great job with a slick redesign of the whole brand.

I think now is the perfect time to start marketing this project properly as people will be able to come and actually use POA.

The first thing I would do if I were to be in charge is to make sure I create 2 different series of articles. One that explains POA on a more dumbed down way (for lack of better words) so that the regular crypto enthusiasts that are not tech savvy can actually understand what POA is and it’s importance in the space. In marketing you always have to dumb down your message. POA is already doing a good job with very user friendly interfaces. It’s all about making things stupid simple to understand and use if we want real adoption.

The second series would be the full technical type articles that do explain how all works and how companies can benefit from using POA. This article series is the one you advertise to the more tech savvy audience. Maybe I would also do a third series of articles that focuses on the Team and its background as institutional investors often times invest only on good teams since no matter how good your idea is, the team MUST be qualified to make it happen. POA has an All Star Team so we need to show that.

Once I have the content created it’s important that they have a direct response approach. For example the first series should be aimed to get people to join our Telegram, Reddit, follow on Twitter ect and the second one should also aim that but more focused to get people to join the forum here where all the more tech stuff is discussed.

Once I get both pieces of content I would do a PR release. (yes not a Medium Post) I talk about getting those articles in Forbes, Entrepreneur, CoinTelegraph, Coin Desk ect but we don’t stop there, instead of doing the PR release which is what most projects do, we launch Native Ads Campaigns (RevContent, Taboola, Content.Ad ect) that promote those articles (nobody in the space is doing this). With native ads you now have all the articles featured in all the Main Stream News sites like CNN, CNBC, FOX, New York Times, LA Times I mean you can run ads in all of them. It’s quite easy.

Now you have your message going from CNN to a Forbes Article that then funnels that person into Telegram, Twitter ect where they stay up to date with all the news about he project, collaborates and yes also buys POA on an exchange. It’s not just about getting people to buy POA it’s about making them loyal members of the community. HODLERS :wink:

Companies will start noticing as POA will start to show up everywhere they go. Now when the team reach out to companies that can benefit from using POA they will know about POA already wich will make that conversation easier. On top of that you can do a coordinated campaign that takes the team to go to all the Influencers ie AMA with Ian Balina, AMA with Suppoman, a Technical AMA with Ivan on Tech and Data Dash ect.

If you do those in a coordinated fashion then everybody in the whole crypto space will know about POA as we have to build the awareness there before we can more to get companies who are not involved in the space yet.

As a community what we can do to help is to ensure that any piece of content gets released across any channel we MUST always like, share and comment on it no matter where it is (meaningful and positive comment), that way we are helping the Algorithms identify interest which will show more often in ads and reduce the ad cost for those Ad Placements we acquire via Native Ads.

There is much more that can be done after that but I think what I have shared here is in my opinion a great start.

I must also note that doing things this way will also allow marketing ads in all social media channels because we are not promoting an ICO or any of that when people click on the link they will go to Forbes or Entrepreneur or some other big name site that is likely whitelisted by the social sites algorithms.

I hope that was of help.


Just stirring the pot. Thanks for such a detailed response.

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You are Welcome. Just trying to help as much as possible.

Hi @Manny! Is your license still in a “pending” state?

Tennessee is a bit more strict than other states. I finally for my acceptance letter today so I am heading down to the clerks office tomorrow for the oath. Thanks a lot for checking in on this. Hopefully I will be able to update info tomorrow.


Very cool write-up. Excited to have a hands-on online marketer in our midsts. The engineering muscle is strong in POA, but we also need savvy focused marketing campaign to bring more awareness to the work.

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Agree 100% having a great project and development is half of the battle. Marketing is key. So far they are doing a good job. So bad the bear market has affected the whole space so much but in terms of partnerships and awareness so far is doing well.

Looks like I cant edit the main Post so here is the updated information

Name: Emanuel Hernandez
Notary Public Commission Number: 2498279
Commission Expiration Date: 07-09-2022
Bond Number: 42169077N
State of Tennessee Public Notary Search: https://tnsos.net/notaries/notarydetail.php?NotaryID=2498279

If a Moderator could Update the Main Post and remove the Pending from the title it would be awesome.

Fixed you up, Manny. Good to see you official.

Awesome, Thanks a lot Alexander. Now working on setting up a boot node and sokol. :wink: