EmissionFunds #2 distribution proposal to distribute funds to POA R&D team


Dear POA Core Validators,

POA Core is requesting your support in the upcoming emission funds vote. In order to grow the community through funding initiatives, maintain our infrastructure demands (keep the lights on!), and support our small group of dedicated developers, POA is asking you to consider distributing funds to the POA Foundation during the next emission funds vote.

The date of EmissionFunds voting #2 is on 2019-05-19T07:00:00Z

As designed by the protocol you will have three options:

  • distribute the funds to a single proposal in full;
  • freeze all funds until the EmissionFunds #3 vote in full;
  • burn all the funds.

The POA R&D team is advocating that all funds be distributed to the POA Foundation multisig wallet: https://blockscout.com/poa/core/address/0x517f3acff3afc2fb45e574718bca6f919b798e10

This needed funding support will be used to increase POA reach and also support the current infrastructure demands, which are significant. Funding will go towards several high interest projects including:

  • Support and promotion for the second POA Games Fund #2 to bring more games and developers to POA Core;
  • Launch the new POA DEX Fund #1 to bring a DEX (decentralized exchange) to POA Core;
  • Subsidize current infrastructure needs such as API, Bootnodes, BlockScout, and other hosting expenses.

Thank you for the work you do to secure the network and maintain constant uptime, 5 second blocks, and thoughtful governance. POA network is a unique blockchain, and we look forward to growing the ecosystem in the coming year.


listed #2

Jae Kwon recently mentioned in the podcast the following thought:

Blockquote If you get the governance right, in theory, everything else is should be waterfall down from there. Application developers can find many ways to monetize. Core and infrastructure developers need on-chain support.

As an owner of the validating node infrastructure company, I know how costly it is to run your own infrastructure. I totally support POA’s vision and needs to keep the network running and would encourage everyone else to vote “YES” on a fund distribution to POA Foundation ballot.