Erc 721 smart contract state


I would like to ask about possibility of moving smart contract variable states from sidechain (xChain) to Ethereum mainnet if requested. We have customized erc 721 based smart contracts with some additional logic.


It’s possible.
EverDragons game is working on two chains and they have a custom bridge to move erc721 assets

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My team and I are designing and developing a card-based strategy game about collecting, trading, and battling cricket player cards, represented by NFTs. We were wondering if you offer a bridge for ERC-721 tokens similar to the one you offer for ERC-20.

I am assuming EverDragons built their own bridge, is that correct?

We don’t offer ERC721 bridge at the moment. Will be happy to discuss your use case and requirements. Do you mind to create an issue in the TokenBridge repository

Yes, but it is not open source.

Cool, I have added an issue in the TokenBridge repository.

Hi Anshum,

ERC721 Bridges are unique for each game/DApp so its difficult to make a one-in-all solution for erc721 bridges. Your concept seems pretty cool and I’d be interested in finding out more about it. Feel free to contact me at ziggy@poa.netwrok



Ziggy, I have sent you a note on your email address this morning. Apologies for the delay - I only checked the forum today.

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