ERC20 token sent to Binance through Matic Network


I made a mistake by sending my GHST tokens on my MetaMask wallet through Matic Network to Binance. I just copied the address that Binance gave me, MetaMask confirmed, that this address exists and I made the transaction. Tokens did not land to the wallet on Binance and that was the moment I realized I had to transfer the tokens through Ethereum bridge back to ETH network… Interesting thing is when I open that Binance address in etherscan - it says that there is no such address. This address only exists on Matic Network.

So did I accidently send my GHST tokens to some random address on Matic network? Is there any way to retrieve those tokens? Should not Binance have access to that address even though it’s on Matic?

Thank you in advance for all your answers!

You should probably contact Matic support.