Error sending my token to another address

My crowdsale is finish, I already finalize de crowdsale and distributed the tokens. However I am trying to send some tokens to another person and this is what I get:

TxReceipt Status:FailBlock
Height:3989269 (3 block confirmations)
TimeStamp: 30 secs ago (Sep-07-2018 03:48:14 AM +UTC)
To:Contract 0x08be7b7234e8449112620e56c2c1b4f58825c3d0
Warning! Error encountered during contract execution [Reverted]
ERC-20 Token Transfer Error (unable to locate corresponding Transfer event log), check with sender.

I already verify all the contracts but still I get the error failed when I send my token to another user.
What can I do ???

I am using the Ropsten network

thank you

never mind, the proble was a silly mistake of mine. It seems that it never finalized the crowdsale properly. Now it works, sorry !!

Hi Danny,
glad to know your issue was solved, if you have any issues in future you may post in our gitter page: