Error Transaction wasn't processed in 240 seconds!

Hi all

We at using POA network for almost 2 years now , we are using POA to create and burn Token linked to avoided CO2 production.

since yesterday i get a lot of
error Transaction 0xd8ed8cad772b8b8d89e30ca8880a8d1bb6a2d2656b6107379c2dbcb6880ccf97 wasn’t processed in 240 seconds!

I using the as a bridge.

Thanks a lot for your help

It looks like you are using quite low Gas. Would you try to eat to 10Gwei or higher and try again? Interested to see you results!

Thanks a lot

it’s working better (but still got 240 timeout)

I got a stupid question, is there a way to know in advance the right amout of gasprice I need to set ?

Thanks a lot for your help

Minimum is 10Gwei on POA Core. Gas cost can depend on what you are interacting with, for example a complicated SmartContract or s simple token transfer.

Which wallet are you using to send your transactions? What are you sending, and to where?

I use EtherWallet JS as wallet and I just burn some token so it’s basically a simple erc20 transfer