ETC-WETC Bridge parameters


The contracts for the ETC-WETC bridge have been deployed to the networks and the TokenBridge oracle is running.

ETC-WETC bridge parameters:

Ethereum Classic

  • Bridge contract address: 0x073081832B4Ecdce79d4D6753565c85Ba4b3BeA9, BlockScout

  • Finalization threshold: 8 blocks (will be increased to 51 after the trial period)

  • Daily limit: 2000 ETC

  • Maximum value of one transaction: 2000 ETC

  • Minimum value of one transaction: 1 ETC

  • Fee to relay a transaction from the Ethereum Mainnet: 0.2% (processed in ETC)

Ethereum Mainnet

  • Bridge contract address: 0x0cB781EE62F815bdD9CD4c2210aE8600d43e7040, BlockScout, Etherscan

  • WETC Token contract: 0x86aaBCc646f290b9Fc9Bd05CE17C3858d1511Da1, BlockScout, Etherscan

  • Finalization threshold: 8 blocks

  • Daily limit: 2000 WETC

  • Maximum value of one transaction: 2000 WETC

  • Minimum value of one transaction: 1 WETC

  • Fee to relay a transaction from Ethereum Classic: 0.2% (processed in WETC)

Bridge validators

  • Number of validators: 1
  • Validators list: 0xCB576F21D18BD112D021813d4D6802d54Cacc0A0
  • Number of required signatures: 1

Validators contract on Ethereum Classic: 0xfACB58f05908930AC466D165D147d56702Ad6e4A, BlockScout
Validators contract on Ethereum Mainnet: 0xd32337Db13E6DF43c3B0c57531C348Dc2a03b5d6, BlockScout, Etherscan

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