ETH Denver 2019

Resources for hackers at EthDenver2019

Prizes from POA:

There will be a bounty total of $5,000 in Dai

These are to be awarded and distributed equally to the top 10 DApps deployed on POA Core/ xDai or contributions to POA projects. That means there will be 10 awards each worth $500 Dai. If less than 10 DApps are deployed to POA or xDai, then the prize pool of $5,000 is distributed equally amongst those deployed.

These DApps will be judged on the criteria of originality, UX and real-world application!

Ideas and projects

Eligibility criteria for judging and prizes:

Take a look at State of the Dapps website for inspirations

Our video message

Thanks, @AndrewG for the video message


Where to get coins to deploy on POA, xDai

Ask POA team and Friends on the event:
or message @Ziggy on the forum.



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Congratulations and huge thanks to all the winners and participants of ETHDenver 2019 #BUIDLATHON!


Great job teams! Thanks to all participants.

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