ETH stuck in Wallet *Help Please*

I successfully use Nifty when connected to my Ledger hardware wallet on the RSK network. I recently sent some ETH to the same address I use to interact with RSK network. When I switch Nifty wallet to the Ethereum network I can see my balance and I can also see the transfer went through on Etherscan. However, now the balance is stuck. I cannot transfer or send the balance out.

Anytime I try to send the balance, the loading screen pops up and nothing happens. I am never prompted on my Ledger to confirm the transaction.

At the moment my ETH is just stuck and I have no idea how to retrieve it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have the same situation, here is the tx id of the ETH going into my Nifty address, but I cannot transfer it out. Is there a way you can resend to the original address?


@viktorbaranov your help will be much appreciated

@viktorbaranov bumping this thread. Any help would be appreciated. Both @evsk and myself have ETH funds stuck in the wallet with confirmed TX’s. How can we get our funds?

I have the same problem. Some coins been stuck in there for weeks.

hi @igorbarinov, could you please assist us with this? Your help will be much appreciated