Ethereum Evolution and impacts/consquences/risks for Oracles Network -- sharding, PoS, Raiden, Plasma etc

Lots of buzz around scaling Ethereum and its future evolution, was wondering what are the:


for Oracles Network.

Are they orthogonal?

Hi, John!

First of all, thank you for asking this. You mentioned significant innovations. We will address the question of our approach on scalability in a series of blog posts.

In a nutshell, Raiden and Plasma will work well on Oracles Network because of their smart contract nature. Although, PoS and Sharding are not. We do not plan to migrate to PoS. Sharding is a far idea, and we will try a different approach for scalability. We name it horizontal scalability or “Attack of Clones.” It’s a subject for our first blog post on medium.

Codename: Attack of Clones


Decentralized applications (dApps) are becoming increasingly interesting to developers around the world. Permission is not needed to build a dApp and there is no company or centralized group of people that can change the rules of the platform. Today there are over 1000 dApps built on Ethereum, the leading dApp platform. There are 1,045 active dapps generated $2.6 billion transaction volume according to Dapp Market Report . If the token price is highly based on the liquidity and utility of the token, then usage of dapps is the key for token price. I am very positive on this