Ethereum Name Service on POA and Sokol

Does anyone know if there are “official” ENS (Ethereum Name Service) deployments on POA and Sokol?

Anyway Deepit deployed a standard ENS infrastructure on Sokol.
You can find and use the ENS contract at address 0xa752796F88B3c99c24Af13f84a46f561e32C766c



Hi, it is awesome. I am not sure there is a verified ENS deployment in Sokol. Is the contract you provided - ENS registrar? Could you verify it in Blockscout to increase trust to it?


Would be interested in working with you later in the week to test the Sokol ENS deployment. Please feel free to DM me here and let me know when you might be free, after Wednesday is easiest for me. Thanks for participating!

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I believe there should be a few contracts that make up a standard ENS infrastructure

  1. An Eth Registrar Auction contract
  2. A Registry contract
  3. A Public Resolver contract
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Hi Claire,
you are right. The deployed ENS infrastructure has:

  • a registry contract (ENSRegistry)
  • a registar (FIFSRegistrar) that own the “eth” TLD
  • some resolver (PublicResolver)
  • a reverse resolver (ReverseRegistrar)

A registrar owns a domain and only it can add sub-domains.
A registrar can be:

  • an externally owned account (EOA)
  • a “simple” contract like FIFSRegistrar
  • a contracts ecosystem (like that is in use on Ethereum for eth TLD)

Our goal was to deploy an ENS were someone registers a domain in some way and then he enables his app to add sub-domains.

To do this we registered three domains (‘universal-login.eth’, ‘poppularapp.eth’ and ‘my-id.eth’) for our purposes and we gave the ownership to an our FIFSRegistrar. Our app controls the FIFSRegistrar (via private key) and can invoke a sub-domain registration.

We are using UniversalLogin in our app, and we are using the tool ENSBuilder of EthWorks for ENS deployment:

We do not need the auction mechanism.

As you point out, we are the owner of eth TLD in this deploy, if someone want to register a domain like “example.eth” he need to ask us. Than we will register his domain and he will be able to add sub-domains.

We do not want the ownership of this TLD in any way :-), our deployment is only for testing our app, there was a misunderstanding in my first post. Indeed I was asking if there is an “official” ENS infrastructure on POA (and Sokol, but is less important).



Hi Viktor,
I hope to verify it soon.


Hi Michelango–

yes, this is why I had offered to help in my previous post :slight_smile: Would be nice to get a proper ENS system up and running here. I can be available later in the week and can bring in others to help. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks!

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Hi Jim,
what do you mean for “proper” ENS system?

Do you mean an ENS with an Auction Registrar? or an ENS with a more simple registrar (for example a multi-sig registrar owned by Validators?) with a web app as front-end?

Side note: the official Ethereum Name System is in a transition phase (from Auction Registrar to Permanent Registar).

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I’m a fan of a permanent registrar myself; a multi-sig registrar managed system sounds good as well; I’m sure this would have support. I’ll drop you a note by end of the week to discuss. Talk with you soon!

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What’s the current status of this? Is there any official ENS deployment on PoA Core?

Hi, this is relevant to this thread maybe:

so apparently there already is some kind of mainnet ENS mirroring deployed. Please add links to more info when you find some!

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