Failed transactions to crowdsale contract address

Hello POA,

I am having some failed transactions when i send ETH to crowdsale contract address when i do the following:

  1. Sending ETH from myetherwallet to crowdsale contract. I have input data to 0xa6f2ae3a however transaction still fails. (Please note i do not have crowdsale page open, i just use the address)

  2. When i send ETH via metamask address; however, i do not click on contribute in the POA crowdsale page. I also input data to 0xa6f2ae3a once again but still fail.

There is no issue with transactions when i click on contribute through crowdsale page, but i want to know why we can’t send ETH when the crowdsale page is not open and we just have the crowdsale contract address.

I am thinking of just copying and pasting contract address to my website but if transactions are always going to fail, i don’t think this is possible.

Please some help on this to make me understand.

Thank you

It should work with methodID 0xa6f2ae3a both from MEW and MetaMask without opening crowdsale page. The error could be if you have set min cap for your crowdsale, or some kind of whitelist or some other limits. To understand all possible issues with transactions please check this wiki post: