FAQ: POA20 Exchange Questions

What exchanges is POA20 listed on?

POA20 is listed in the following exchanges

Can I send my POA20 tokens to Binance, Bibox, or Cex.plus for trading purposes?

POA20 tokens can ONLY be sent to exchanges that have POA20 tokens listed.

POA native tokens can ONLY be sent to exchanges that have POA native tokens listed.

If any of the exchanges list both POA native token and POA20 token, then they will make a clear stance on whether you can use the same address for depositing both POA native token and POA20 token.

Can POA20 tokens be traded on the same exchanges that currently trade POA native tokens?

POA20 tokens can ONLY be traded on exchanges that have specifically listed the POA20 token. Please note all official exchange listings for POA20 tokens will be communicated by the POA Team.

How do I use Bancor?

You can use Bancor by using MetaMask!
  1. Navigate to https://www.bancor.network/discover and choose to convert from tokens in Bancor to the token we want. In this case: POA20.

2. On clicking “Convert”, a pop-up screen such as below appears. Choose MetaMask

3. Choose the amount of POA20 you want to buy or sell in the next screen and click Next.

4. Finally, a MetaMask window will popup to confirm the transaction! After which you will have the amount of POA20 or ETH you wanted.

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