FAQ: POA20 Technical Questions

Will the the minimum 300 POA transfer change in the future?

The minimum POA -> POA20 transfer reflects the transaction cost. We chose this as it costs 3 POA for the transfer. Since POA Network is sponsoring the cost during the trial period, we wanted the cost to be 1% of the minimum transaction:

3 POA * 100 = 300 POA for the minimum transaction.

The minimum transfer will change when after the trial period when POA will not be sponsoring the transfer fee.

Can I convert my POA native tokens to POA20 tokens on an exchange?

No, this can only be done through the POA Bridge DApp.

I just converted my POA native tokens to POA20 tokens but I still see a balance for my POA native Tokens? Is this correct?

If you had 100 POA native tokens, and you converted 90 of them to POA20 tokens then you will see 10 POA native tokens on the POA Network and 90 POA20 tokens on the Ethereum network. This will also be reflected in your wallet when you change networks.

Can I use the POA Bridge to send out my POA native tokens/POA20 tokens to other addresses?

The POA Bridge can ONLY be used within your own address. When using the POA Bridge, you are sending from the same address one side of the bridge to your identical address on the other side of the bridge, with the address existing only on the network of its side of the bridge.

As the administrator of the POA Bridge, what will be the responsibilities and duties of the POA Network?

  • Add or remove validators
  • Set daily limits on both bridges
  • Set maximum per transaction limit on both bridges
  • Set minimum per transaction limit on both bridges
  • Upgrade contracts in case of vulnerability
  • Set minimum required signatures from validators in order to relay a user’s transaction

Can token transfers be done in decimals? Or whole numbers?

The token transfers can be done up to 18 decimal points.

Can you hold POA native tokens and POA20 tokens in the same wallet and the same address?

Yes, when you use the POA Bridge to convert POA native tokens to POA20 tokens, they are kept both in the same wallet address, but viewable in two different networks.

Does this mean a POA cross-chain bridge can be used for other blockchains as well? Aside from Ethereum?

It is possible but we are not supporting that at the moment.

What happens to my POA native tokens if I send it to an exchange that only supports POA20 tokens? And vice versa?

In this case, your tokens will be lost forever as you have no access to your private keys in an exchange address. The same thing will occur when you send tokens to an exchange that doesn’t support those specific tokens.

What will the duties of the validators on the POA Bridge be?

  • Provide 100% uptime of the Bridge network to relay transactions
  • Listen and relay for Deposit events on Home (POA Network) bridge to mint ERC20 token on Foreign (Ethereum main network) bridge (mint POA20)
  • Listen and relay for Withdraw events on Foreign (Ethereum main network) bridge to burn ERC20 token and unlock funds on Home Bridge (unlock POA native