Frontend bug when using "Write Contract" to send value (ETH) in payable functions

Hi team, there is a frontend bug when using “Write Contract” interface to send value (ETH) for payable functions.

Please see this test contract that highlights this problem:

Test contract code:

contract Test {

uint public var1;
uint public var2;

constructor () public {}

fallback() external payable {}
receive() external payable {}

function updateVarAndSendETH(uint _var1, uint _var2) external payable {
    var1 = _var1;
    var2 = _var2;


There is no issue when you use fallback function to send 0.1 MATIC to contract.

However if you use updateVarAndSendETH function to update var1 & var2 & send 0.1 MATIC, the frontend shows an error message “Unauthorized: Given input “16345785d8a0000” is not a number.”

I believe the error is because the javascript function for converting value(ETH) to hexadecimal forgot to add a “0x” in front of “16345785d8a0000”, since 0x16345785d8a0000 is equivalent to 0.1 ETH in hexadecimals.

Would appreciate your help to resolve this frontend problem. Thank you.

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The same contract does not have this issue when published on etherscan or bscscan.

Would really appreciate if you can fix this.

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