Full poa.network node in SAAS


I want to have my own POA.core nodes for few reason (not to be dependent on infura, be able to have some “backup”, able to to a lot of reads without any “fair use”).

I know I can set up a geth/parity to have a full node (without validation of course, because it’s limited to authority nodes).

But I also want to do almost nothing regarding maintenance.

So, I’m seeking any saas product to let me have a that kind of node.

Do you know any saas product that can fit my needs ?

Thanks !

I want to have my own POA.core nodes for few reason

You can use Parity https://www.poa.network/for-developers/poa-installation or Nethermind https://nethermind.readthedocs.io/en/latest/download.html

Both clients support POA Core. It’s quite easy to run them as services.

As external RPC you can use RPC hosted by POA https://www.poa.network/for-developers/developer-resourses#poa-rpc or by Nodesmith https://www.poa.network/for-developers/developer-resourses#nodesmith-rpc

Also, you can use Terminal https://terminal.co/ and Pokt network https://www.pokt.network/

Unfortunately, there is no support from Infura for POA’s RPC