Funding proposal: xdai rebrand

RaidGuild <> xDai Rebranding

Raid Roadmap

This a proposal for how to approach xDai rebranding, created by RaidGuild with the support of STAKEhaus. The overall process can be separated in three distinct phases:

A) A Brand Sprint to identify and define brand goals in a “Brand Sprint Guide”;
B) Create, adjust, and approve a new “Brand Proposal”;
C) Expand the approved brand into a landing site for xdaichain.

A) Three-Hour Brand Sprint

The Three-Hour Brand Sprint is a methodology created by Jake Knapp with the objective of condensing the main decisions that need to be made before starting work on a brand into a 3-hour process.

The point of these exercises, it turns out, is to make the abstract idea of “our brand” into something concrete. After doing the exercises, the team gets a common language to describe what their company is about — and all subsequent squishy decisions about visuals, voice, and identity become way easier.

A Brand Sprint should ideally involve a few stakeholders who are involved in the project, with different experiences and backgrounds to maximize for different perspectives. A Brand Sprint must have a person who will assume the role of the Decider. The Decider role will have the authority to make the final decision in each of the exercises in the process (with feedback from everyone involved), and should be either a founder/CEO or a community representative.

You can read a detailed (~20 min) description of the process in the following link:


  • Decider from xDai (community representative or founder/ceo)
  • 2-4 Stakeholders (xdai devs, xdai validators, and/or stakeholders from teams developing for xdai)
  • 3 hours of dedicated and uninterrupted time for the sprint, via online conference call.


At the end of the sprint we will have a “Brand Guide”, with six clearly defined parameters:

  • Brand Roadmap: the defined vision of where xDai wants to move towards;
  • What, How, Why: the object, method and reason behind xDai;
  • Main Values: the words that best describe what xDai is all about;
  • Main Audiences: the most important people to have in mind before making decisions;
  • Brand Personality: A series of “personality” sliders that define how xDai wants to be perceived;
  • Competitive Landscape: how xDai compares to its main competitors in the space.

After the sprint, the Brand Guide will be compiled into a document for future reference.

Timeline: 1 day for sprint + 3 days afterwards to compile Brand Guide.


From the RaidGuild side, the Brand Sprint will require a facilitator to guide the sprint process, a raider who will participate by contributing with expert advice, and a designer to compile the final Brand Guide deliverable.

Funding: 200 STAKE

B) Brand Proposal

With a Brand Guide in hand, it will be time for RaidGuild to hunker down and iterate on ideas. This is a creative process — and every Designer might have their own approach to solving it — but it usually involves three stages: Research, Ideation, and Refinement.

Part #1: Research

To start Research designers look into the competitive landscape, current & future design trends, and visual concepts described in the Brand Guide. The results of the design research is presented in the form of moodboards and serve as the guiding light for the Ideation phase.

Timeline: 4 days

Part #2: Ideation

During Ideation we mainly explore symbology, typography, color and artwork to define the main brand “tone of voice”. Different brands might require photography, iconography, illustration, and/or 3D work, and it’s up to the client to decide how much they want to invest into polish and refinement¹. At the end of the ideation phase RaidGuild will deliver at least two “Brand Concepts” that summarize different visual styles for the client to decide on which to follow.

Timeline: 8 days

¹ note that cost of artwork is separate from main design work, since demand varies greatly between different brands/budgets and chosen artists.

Part #3: Refinement

In the final step of the Brand Proposal, we work on refining the brand concept created and approved during the ideation phase. This usually involves creating a final symbol from an underlying grid, creating different versions for applications, defining typography & color scheme, and comissioning the creation of the necessary artwork.

Timeline for main designs: 8 days
Timeline for supporting assets: variable


At the end of the Brand Proposal, we will have high quality files for the artwork and “logo” in their different applications as well as figma files for all brand assets:

  • final logo ¹ ²
  • permutations of different applications for the logo such as: ¹ ²
    – symbol only vs. symbol+type
    – vertical, horizontal and/or square applications
    – applications over dark vs. light backgrounds
    – full color vs monochromatic applications
  • typography ²
  • color palette ²
  • artwork assets ² ³

¹ usually delivered in vector (.ai + .svg) formats
² delivered as figma projects
³ varied formats


The Brand Proposal will be led by a designer or art director, a supporting designer to offer expert advice and help with production, and possibly one or more artists to create illustrations, models, iconography and other supporting assets.

Timeline: 20 days in total for parts 1,2,3 must be taken together. artwork may require extra time (1-3 days).

Funding of Brand Proposal: 500 STAKE
Funding of supporting artwork: TBD, based on client preference.

C) Landing Site

In this last step, we’ll use the goals and values defined in the Brand Guide and the brand assets created in the Brand Proposal to design and implement a new landing page for xdaichain.

While the docs do a great job at organizing info, we believe xDai would benefit from having a site that explains the main components (eg: what is xdai, what is stake, how to enter) in a simple, ELI5 language. This is further encouraged by new developments such as ability to add networks with 1-click in Metamask and possible widgets for bridging.


  • Landing Site for xDai (xdaichain dot com):
    – A one-page-site to tackle main pain points
    – Guided by user-centered design and a creative brief
    – Implemented using new brand assets
    – Reskin of docs to match new branding


The landing site, being a more communication-focused product, is mainly a storytelling effort. Roles required will be a graphic designer/art director, a UX designer/writer, and a frontend dev.

Timeline: 16 days
Funding: 350 STAKE


  • Brand Sprint: 4 days, 200 stake
  • Brand Proposal: 20 days, 500 stake
  • Landing Site: 16 days, 350 stake

PS: We’re looking for feedback on the above proposal, which was drafted after the snapshot vote showing support for a rebranding and wider visual identity effort (Snapshot).

Feel free to ask any questions, and thanks in advance for the feedback :slight_smile:



Snapshot voting for signaling approval/disapproval for this proposal:

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Hi, as a community member I really appreciate not only the proposal but the thoroughness with which it is being presented. I think it is sorely needed and I am excited to see how things shape up.

With that said, I would like to ask that there be strong and compelling delineation of STAKE and its purpose. The xDai network is amazing, the network stability + usage growth are undoubtedly impressive and should be highlighted, but I think in every step mentioned in the proposal, careful consideration should be given to how to present STAKE as the token of(speculative) value in the dual token system: xDai token is stable at $1 by design, this means developers and users can plan and budget, etc. STAKE token is not stable, is used to protect the network in exchange for staking rewards averaging 18%, has governance utility, etc.

Somehow incorporating the above into not only the website but to all stages of the design/branding itself is critical imo, and maybe it’s already planned and I missed it, but I did not see it clearly stated so I wanted to chime in!


Hey, Justa! Thank you for your feedback. Although we did not specify it in the proposal, I fully agree the dual token system is one of the highlights of the chain, and $STAKE has a lead role together with $xDai. As such, the rebranding of xdai will lean heavily on these two tokens, their utility, and their advantages.

The first phase (Brand Sprint) is designed to surface narratives that we and the xdai community might want to explore (both in the branding and in the site), and your message certainly fits in there. I’ve added it to my notes and will include it in the process. The visual end-result will come from a creative process, but this process is very much guided by concepts such as the ones you’ve mentioned.

Would you say that “understanding STAKE” is a big pain point to new users, in your opinion?


Absolutely, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been in telegram channels, on twitter, etc and seen people ask “which xDai token is the right one?” or ask what the difference is, where they can stake STAKE, etc. The dual token system is rather unique as far as I’m aware, and up til now people really have to do some digging to understand the purpose for and difference between the two tokens. It’s definitely a major pain point, especially as we can’t realistically expect the average person to do a deep dive into some technical documentation – TLDRs, ELI5s and (if possible) simple visual explanation are much more appreciated by the masses :slight_smile:

Looking forward to what you can come up with!


Hi Lucas, thanks for the detailed proposal. Like Justa, I’m just another community member that would like this project to succeed. I only really have 1 feedback and that is I think we should encourage the community the participate and suggest what they think is a good branding for xdai.

My biggest concern with having a decider with the final say is that he is not aligned with what the community wants. For example, a hackathon for artists and designers to come up with cool designs for the project to be voted on by the community is, IMO, a better approach to this. RaidGuild can be one of the participants of this hackathon.

Edit: Is it also possible for you to share some of your past works? I am assuming that you will be the designer from RaidGuild that is going to helm this project.


Hey, STYJ! Thank you for your feedback. I totally agree that community participation is super important, and really like the idea of somehow involving the wider community more directly, such as with a hackathon.

Regarding our proposal, the “decider” is a role only in the Brand Sprint process (1st phase). This process is used specifically for bringing to the attention of everyone the many different views of “what xdai is”. At this point, the decider does not have final say in the branding. They decide what should be the chosen concepts, values, and personality that we at Raid Guild should take as the main guiding concepts for the brand. In this process, the Brand Sprint working group gets to know what many different stakeholders (eg: the community, main validators, dev team, raid guild, and others) see in the brand. It is a process for giving voice to different opinions and aligning views.

Based on the results of this process, Raid Guild will create a Brand Proposal. This will be heads-down, intensive work inside the guild, divided in many steps. In this 2nd phase, the “deciders” in a sense are the guild’s experts in Visual Design, User Experience Design, and Communication & Branding. Keep in mind it is not a “final say”, but a process of repetitive exploration, alignment and refinement.

We will have different Lead Designers in the three phases: design sprint, branding and communication, and digital ux and ui. I’m a designer myself, and am taking the helm on the overall process. The lead designers on each phase will be decided once we have a more concrete timeline, and we have many expert designers in the guild who are interested. This will be a collective effort inside Raid Guild, involving something around 6 different roles. You can see a portion of our work in the raidguild site (needs updating), and follow more recent stuff in our twitter and newsletter.

Thanks again for the reply, STYJ. I hope to have put your mind at ease regarding the role of the “decider”, and will work to bring the community as close to the process as possible :slight_smile:


Got it, thanks for the clarification Lucas! :slight_smile:

I completely agree with Justa. Lucas, I’m a member of the community and big supporter. A major issue is people do not understand the importance and value of STAKE. Xdai has been performing amazingly with projects coming onboard and understanding the worth of the chain . However, by supporting the great aspects of Xdai should bring with it attention/value to STAKE. The dual token model is great as it brings stable aspect with transaction but I do not think that STAKE has been thrown into the limelight yet with how important it is to the ecosystem, security, governance etc. This needs to be a major component with the branding/marketing. When people think “Xdai” there isn’t a correlation with “STAKE” and their really should be as they go hand in hand. I think everyone is really looking forward to this process and excited to see the end result!
Thank you

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When will this be expected to start?

Hey, Joe007! Thanks for the feedback. Agreed that STAKE needs to be more clearly associated with xdai, and that will probably be one of the goals with the rebrand.

We’ll start with the sprint, and we’re coordinating time and day with the sprint group. We expect to officially start next week, but we’re already in research mode and gathering references, ideas and feedback.

Fantastic! If you could keep us updated on the progress I can help share with the community

Hey Lucas! I know the community is fired up about this. How are things going thus far? any updates to quench our thirst?

would love to know how potential infra operators could help on this end as well!

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any updates you can give us

the proposal has been funded from the xDai side

P.S. please consider domestic animals in your rebranding proposal


Hey Igor this is great news!

Is there a timeline when the funds will be disbursed from POA side to allow RaidGuild to begin ?

As it was written in the snapshot vote - Half is coming from the xDai team from the Ecosystem Fund and the second half is coming from the STAKEhaus.

Thank you for the response. I was curious timeline when STAKEhaus will distribute as I’m assuming RaidGuild will not start until they get full amount. Or am i thinking of this incorrectly?

Is there a timeline on when Stakehaus is distributing?
Has RaidGuild started the rebranding process?