Funds locked on token bridge


I’m having problems when trying to get back my DAI by burning xDAI through the token bridge. Everything started when I tried to execute some transactions using web3 through a CLI (clevis tool more specifically). Those trxs had the wrong gas price (> 1Gwei), while web3 was connected to a node with URL This results in trxs that were never mined. Then I started to have the same problem when trying to execute transactions using metamask. Finally, I tried to use the token bridge to get back my DAI but the tx always failed.

This seems to be a nonce problem. I Tried following this troubleshooting guide (execute 0 valued tx to myself, and event metamask reset) but I didn’t succeed. Right now, every time I try to use the xDAI token bridge to get back my DAI, the tx fails immediately using nonce=2, the latter never increments on subsequent attempts. My account address is 0x479a62cC73f74435D0bce1040522d1AF4054aF74

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Here is what I would try.

  1. Send a 0 Dai transaction to yourself using nonce=2 (I can see the last successful tx was nonce=1)
  2. If above fails, try using another node. There may be an issue where something is stuck in the pending pool. I’ve seen in rare cases where this happened.
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Thanks, Andrew

@santteegt please replace your tx first using MM for example. Use the bridge after cancelling.

> 1 GWei is not the wrong price. Should be mined fine. Less than 1 GWei likely will not be mined if the address is not whitelisted by validators.

Hi guys,

Thanks for your help. As I was having a lot of pending txs to cancel, I ended up increasing the gas price when unlocking my DAI through the bridge.

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