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Galt Project as an xDai validator

Hi, All!

Who is John Galt?

I’m Nikita, a software engineer in GaltProject.io. We would like to become an xDAI chain validator/node operator.

We’re building international decentralized land and real estate property registry governed by DAO (Decentralized autonomous organization) and self-governance protocol for communities of homeowners for Ethereum-like chains.
Development has been going on for almost 18 months and we are on Ethereum mainnet, POA and xDAI chains.

Recently we’ve implemented ETH<->xDai and ETH<->POA bridge integrations for our product.

This month we’re launching First property owners self-governance pilot projects on public blockchain (i.e. DAO) for two apartment buildings and a small village (totally around 450 users). All projects will work on xDai chain.

Imagine a city where all residents (tenants and homeowners) can use their smartphone to raise funds to the budget in xDai or any ERC20, vote on important issues and choose city managers. Such a system is devoid of the shortcomings of the existing public administration system since it can’t be taken over by corrupt officials.

That’s our ultimate goal.

We are extremely interested in the reliability and decentralization of xDai, this is the main reason why we want to become a validator.

Get information about updates on Twitter: https://twitter.com/galtproject

Thank you for attention,

Mining key: 0x0000999dc55126CA626c20377F0045946db69b6E
Voting key: 0xE868BE4d8C7A212a41a288A409658Ed3F4750495
Payout key: 0x0f46c693d9Eb3ba63B806b7bCc83a406E623D7C8
Bridge key: 0x1111223EB666043acad57f9b6c7b15a44Fc7326e


The ballot is created. Dear validators please cast your votes.

@xdai-validators please cast your vote

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@xdai-validators One more vote for Galt Project is needed to pass the proposal.

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@chebykin Before the ballot is finalized, you need to setup your node following the instruction https://www.xdaichain.com/for-validators/new-validator-process-flow/new-xdai-validator-node-setup

@chebykin Please don’t forget to set your metadata: https://www.xdaichain.com/for-validators/new-validator-process-flow/new-xdai-validator-node-setup#10-set-metadata