Gas estimation for Mainnet Foreign AMB executeSignatures() is very high

We have an Ethereum Mainnet <> xDai Token bridge. For tokens that are bridged from xDai to Mainnet, the gas estimation for the executeSignatures() is incredibly high. Generally we see that the gas estimation is 2-3,500,000 (which comes to about $250 USD for normal speed gas price). When in actuality, the real amount of gas used is much lower, closer to 250,000 (which comes to about $6 USD for normal speed gas price). Is there anything that we can do to make the estimation more in line with the actual gas consumed? so that people that use our token bridge aren’t scared off by the super high gas estimations? It seems that the high gas estimations are tied to the EIP-150 “63/64 issue”.

Here is an example of the issue. click on the “Execute” button and observe the gas charges: AMB Live Monitoring


Hi Hassan,

You may try posting this question also in the #tokenbridge channel in the xDai Discord: xDai and friends. That channel is usually more active so the chance that someone can advise a solution to your issue is higher :slight_smile:

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