Generic Bridge for ERC20/ERC1155/ERC721 from xdai to eth mainnet


Is there some generic bridge support to allow xdai user to swap token minted on the xdai chain into the ethereum mainnet.

For example let say I built some ERC721/ERC20/ERC1155 smart contracts on both xdai and eth mainnet. Could I for example relies on the validator signature in some way to let users swap token between the two so they can start using their NFT on the mainnet ?
Is there already some work done on that front?
Could validator provide this kind of service with their node?



There is an ERC20-to-ERC20 bridge application which you can deploy for your token.
For the basic setup you only need one validator but it’s less secure and implies centralization.

We don’t have implementation of ERC1155 and ERC721 bridge at the moment. Please elaborate more on your usecases.

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I am basically building a game where user will be awarded tokens minted on the occasion (both ERC721 and ERC1155) on the xdai chain.
I want them to be able to swap them for their mainnet equivalent so they can benefit from the current ethereum ecosystem around trading, etc…

Ideally I would like to not have to take responsibility of the swap itself and was hoping there were some generic support for that including the validators themselves doing the work on listening for event and ensuring they mint the token on the other chain.

@wighawag nice, please let me know where I can read more about your game or participate in beta testing.

@akolotov how far are we from implementing AMB and can we have ERC721/ERC1155 as the use case for it?


yes, the intention to introduce AMB was exactly for the cases described by @wighawag.
The work was postponed a bit. We finished with some draft implementation on the TokenBridge contracts side and the next step is to introduce the corresponding changes on the the TokenBridge oracle side.

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Cool! great to know there is work in progress on that front.

@igorbarinov I ll let you know and the forum know once I got something to show / beta test :slight_smile:

Very nice. Do you know when will you need the bridge?
Also, feel free to apply to POA Games Fund Introducing $50,000 DAI POA Games Fund

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  • is the deadline end of this month ?

  • Is building on xdai ok for that fund ?
    While I could do it on POA mainnet, I would prefer launching on xdai for the appeal of using a stable coin.

  • On that note, do you have plan to integrate traditional (credit-card…) payments so non-crypto players can quickly own xdai token and start playing right away ?

For timing, this is not urgent but it would be great to have it in place when I launch (not sure yet when that will be :))

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is the deadline end of this month ?

Deadline is till we distribute the POA Games Fund #1.

Is building on xdai ok for that fund ?
While I could do it on POA mainnet, I would prefer launching on xdai for the appeal of using a stable coin.

If your game is mostly playable on xDai but contracts and dapp deployed on POA Core you can participate in the POA Games Fund


Hi Wighawag,

On point 3. If you use portis SDK you’d be able to do fiat to Crypto with debit cards instantly for the USA. Working on a global solution as we speak. (Happy to setup a call and chat more about it.)