Geon Dapp reaches top 10 on State of the Dapps

Hey folks,

The Geon Dapp just reached #10 on SOTD: We’d like to take this opportunity to ask you about potential features you’d like to see as far as crypto goes. Examples include:

  1. See my POA address in the app (e.g. a BlockScout link).
  2. Send GeonCoins (ERC20) to other users.
  3. Export my private key.
  4. Universal login.

Feel free to suggest other ideas.

In the meantime, go and check out the app if you haven’t yet. If you have, go tell your friends to check it out. ;] Here’s a little teaser:



Something is very wrong.
The world is not what it seems.

I used to play Ingress and enjoyed it a lot :blush:
Would be great to see more Ingressish

  • game mechanics with crypto tokens
  • more economical aspects for groups within the game
  • economic challenges for factions.

Btw here is my Ingress character :green_heart:


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I do like the new features…Daily Reward…The ability to go back to a Geon location every 30 days…I set up a GeonCoin balance tool at
Please check it out and let me know what you think. Thanks