Geon Network Receives Grant From POA Games Fund

Geon Network Receives Grant From POA Games Fund

Geon Network Ltd. (“GEON”, “Geon Network”, or “the company”), a leader in Augmented Reality(AR)-enhanced location-based services, has been awarded an initial grant of $25,000 Dai by the POA Network Games Fund, with the possibility of a second grant to follow. This grant will be used to grow and accelerate traction of the Geon App - a decentralized application hosted on the POA Core blockchain.

The app leverages blockchain technology to manage “Geons.” Geons are AR objects that can be placed anywhere in the world by individuals, businesses, non-profit organizations and others. They store value in the form of an in-app currency and also encapsulate logic that controls how the currency is distributed to users as rewards.

Geon Network created the Geon app which enables users to get paid for visiting real-world locations. In the app, users search for nearby Geons. When they find one, they can interact with it to earn “Geon Coins” through a process called “geomining.”

The longer the user remains near a Geon, the more coins they receive. The geomined coins may then be exchanged for various types of rewards. This model lets organizations and businesses attract and maintain the attention of visitors or customers to a specific physical location, like a retail business, event, or anywhere they want people to be!


The Geon App can be used in many scenarios, including gaming. The company plans to add features that will allow users to tether Geons to mobile devices, e.g. smartphones. This will enable dynamic terrain or follow-the-leader type games, where users will be incentivised to stay within range of a moving Geon to get rewarded.

Other planned enhancements include user profile badges and achievements, geomining missions and progress trackers. The app already has a ranking system where users compete to geomine the highest number of Geons or create Geons that will be mined by as many users as possible.

The top 10 DApp worldwide & the POA Network

Since migration to POA Core in February 2019, the number of active users grew tenfold, to almost 20k in April 2019. As of this post, Geon App has reached the “top 10 best decentralized applications” according to State of the Dapps. This growth is largely due to the speed and security of the POA blockchain.

The technical details regarding the consensus algorithm and its security can be found on the POA Network forum. From the user’s point of view, low transaction fees and short block times make for a great user experience (UX). For the DApp developer, the fact that the blockchain is fully Ethereum-compatible, up-to-date with hard forks, and provides interoperability solutions such as bridges to the Ethereum mainnet and other chains, means there is little effort required to migrate to the POA Core network.

How the funds will be used

When using the Geon App, users may have no idea that blockchain technology is running behind the scenes to govern the geomining rules and value transfer. The developers dedicated themselves to providing an easy-to-use, non-cluttered user experience, and this really shines through. Blockchain specific information will emerge within the app at some stage, mainly for the crypto-enthusiasts out there, but today users do not have to know about what blockchain is or how to use it. This makes for a seamless user experience and provides an opportunity for widespread adoption.

The Geon App is being embraced by a non-crypto audience - in fact they make up the majority of the users today. Geon plans to use the grant from the POA Games Fund to further accelerate this adoption. The goal is to establish a healthy user base using channels directed at individuals outside the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Once individuals start playing and learn to love the app, they can be introduced to the amazing world of crypto, but only if they want to. The key is in an intuitive and non-intrusive UX. Want proof? Check out the Geon App at