Gerry Howatt, Notary Public

Vermont, USA is known for it’s forward thinking: A leader in green energy, civil rights, organic foods, just to name a few. Even so, I was surprised to learn that Vermont is leading the way in blockchain related law.

In May of 2016 Vermont passed a bill which stated that a document timestamped on a blockchain “shall be considered a record of regularly conducted business” when considered against the state’s rules of evidence. Basically anything notarized on the blockchain is admissible in court.

I personally have been following and investing in Bitcoin since 2014. Then in late 2015 I began to hear about blockchains. Seeing the immense potential I researched and learned as much as possible about blockchain. I also took an immersive MIT Fintech course focused on blockchain and the many possible applications. Once I learned about Notary Coin, I knew I wanted to be in on the ground floor and keep the forward thinking alive in Vermont!

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