Gerry McGreevy, Notary Public

I am an IT Professional, Entrepreneur, and Public Notary, and have been a major enthusiast of everything this project is about.

I had been interested in developing new applications of digital_ids when I discovered blockchain, and its transformative power on ecommerce.

A project such Notary Coin has a real potential to radically change the way public notaries function, and reduce the friction of working within our new digital economy, and I look forward to working with this community.

Name: Terrence G. McGreevy
State: Texas
Public Notary# 13104414-5
Expiration March 2021
Linkedin Profile:

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@samwise9 Hi Gerry, how did you know about the project? Did we meet before?
Would be great if you can provide a link to your professional social networks and add a pic to your profile.

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Info has been updated.

To answer your question Igor, I have been working on blockchain related projects for awhile, and specifically trying to define trust relationships that can be digitized. This project just popped in while doing continuous research in this space.

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Thank you. Please take a look at our weekly newsletter at

Now we have a full network for the testnet, but some spots may become available. I’ll keep you updated.

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Welcome Gerry! Excited to see what new applications you build! Please keep us updated :slight_smile: