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Get Kovan Testnet ETH for Testing

What may be the best way to get Kovan Testnet ETH in bulk to test out a new DEX and Dapps infrastructure? I am aware of the drip feed faucets but those are substantially less for meaningful testing.

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How much do you think you would need for testing? Have you considered deploying and testing to the Sokol (test) network?

~500 Kovan ETH. No haven’t considered deploying and testing to the Sokol (test) network yet. One of the main reasons we were looking at Kovan was because many of the dapp and infra testnets we are integrating with are on Kovan.

@tshanky please DM me your wallet address or post it here

Thanks Igor. Please send some Kovan ETH for testing to 0xE239Caeb4A6eCe2567fa5307f6b5D95149a5188F

I sent you 100 KETH as a test

please let me know amount you need. I am a Kovan whale :whale2:

Yes, received 100. Looking for 500-600 Kovan ETH to test at the moment. You are very helpful. Appreciate it.

Cool. I’ve sent you 10,000 KETH

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Hello Igor…Please send 100 KETH to my Kovan development wallet 0x9b647276B64c676A155dc6214eD2852a2F4b8cC6 … Thanks much

Lucky draw! I’ve sent you 200 KETH


Thank you. I appreciate it :slight_smile:

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Please send 10,000 xdai to my xdai ecosystem development wallet
0x89cbe55f19f2c946e806978633b446cd5953648e… thanks much. :whale2:

Please send 10,000 xdai to my xdai ecosystem development wallet

We have an xDai adoption fund ongoing. Feel free to apply with your ideas on how to growth xDai ecosystem

Oh, great. Will take a look. Thanks.

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Is this the right thread to look for some KETH to test? If you have a bag throw some to 0xA7550241C4898f6a9d80AC0d51aAaC56f461F852

I’ve sent you 99 KETH

99 bottles of KETH on the wall, 99 bottles of KETH.
Take one down and pass it around, 98 bottles of KETH on the wall.

Anybody have some buttercup bucks that they would like to sell…I will trade some xdai for them…I want to try out the pony.cash wallet :slight_smile:

Please generate a wallet on pony.cash and send me the address. I’ll send you some buttercup buck back :grinning:

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Hello Igor…Thanks for the reply…my buttercup buck wallet is 0x0AF436612019825246C82765D2BA7223d9f615Ed … send me your xdai wallet address and I will send you some xdai :slight_smile:

Could you please send a screenshot with a QR code you can generate on https://pony.cash/receive
Apparently, there is no “Send” by address functionality in the pony.cash app.

I’ll be happy to send you some Buttercup bucks via the QR code!

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