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Get Kovan Testnet ETH for Testing

Is this the right thread to look for some KETH to test? If you have a bag throw some to 0xA7550241C4898f6a9d80AC0d51aAaC56f461F852

I’ve sent you 99 KETH

99 bottles of KETH on the wall, 99 bottles of KETH.
Take one down and pass it around, 98 bottles of KETH on the wall.

Anybody have some buttercup bucks that they would like to sell…I will trade some xdai for them…I want to try out the pony.cash wallet :slight_smile:

Please generate a wallet on pony.cash and send me the address. I’ll send you some buttercup buck back :grinning:

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Hello Igor…Thanks for the reply…my buttercup buck wallet is 0x0AF436612019825246C82765D2BA7223d9f615Ed … send me your xdai wallet address and I will send you some xdai :slight_smile:

Could you please send a screenshot with a QR code you can generate on https://pony.cash/receive
Apparently, there is no “Send” by address functionality in the pony.cash app.

I’ll be happy to send you some Buttercup bucks via the QR code!

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My Buttercup bucks QR code is at the below link…Thanks much

Thanks, I sent you 10BCB.

Btw, there is a quick tutorial on how-to-use the app

I don’t think you need but just in case :grinning:

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Thank you very much for the bcb :slight_smile:

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And thanks for the link…It led me to the burner factory project :slight_smile:

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Nice. Btw, there are two plugins for Burner Factory in R&D:

  • Integration with Linkdrop
  • Integration with Carbon
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Hi, can I please get some KETH for testing? 100 should be enough
Address: 0xe2d50CFb680ffD3E39a187ae8C22B4f81b092A10

Welcome to the forum. I’ve sent you 200 KETH https://blockscout.com/eth/kovan/tx/0xd3ebe6f4b3a2ffec7f1d0c2af264b09e3efd158989f33f141b0254a4be1c8b08

That was fast, thanks!

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Hello! I’m trying to do some Kovan testing on melon protocol. I need more KETH to start. I.e. …

I think 10 KETH is enough, but would love more to cover my bases. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m currently using https://faucet.kovan.network/ every 24 hours to get one … I’d rather not have to wait 10 days to get started. But if I must, I will! Any help, especially KETH would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much for this service.

Please leave your wallet or DM me

Can you sand me 1 keth on this wallet 0x2D35CF8C5e6D2F066527b0E1901cFA9B4B8EaD21

please can you also help me with 100 KETH to test my development, whale boss

for which application? please send a link to it