Get xDai community involved with #TeamSeas & #TeamTrees

Hello to everyone

As many of you know, xDai prides itself with its eco-friendly blockchain. PoW is considered old tech today, there’s also political issues associated with it, it requires a lot of resources and harms the environment. More security & decentralization can be achieved with a superior consensus mechanisms, like PoS - for example.

With that being said, I’ve been thinking about how xDai as a community can help the environment a bit more. This post is for discussion purposes only. I’d like to see what the community thinks about my potential proposal.

#TeamTrees was a big fuzz around the internet back in 2020 and I’m sure the xDai community is aware of it. #TeamSeas is the next campaign to which many influencers, individuals etc. contribute, the goal is to get rid of 30 million pounds of trash out of the ocean.

A lot of crypto-users are paying hundreds of dollars in Tx fees daily on Mainnet, whilst we enjoy near-zero Tx costs. So the idea goes something like this:

Users on xDai chain pay extra X amount of xDai when sending a Tx, which then goes into a fund dedicated to #TeamSeas.
Let’s say each user pays extra $0,10 (cents) per Tx. Also, let’s say daily Tx volume on xDai is 200,000.
That means xDai community will be donating $20,000 to #TeamSeas daily! That’s 20,000 pounds worth of trash removed from the ocean! Every individual will pay couple of dozens cents, but with the power of community, those few dozen cents equates to 20 thousand pounds of trash removed from the ocean! daily!

Same proposal can be expanded to #TeamTrees. With #TeamTrees, that means 20 thousand trees planted a day.

If someone’s thinking “What’s in it for xDai?”, well, in most basic form - marketing. But I’m proposing this more for what #TeamSeas’ mission is, rather than a way to pump up the price of STAKE.

Eager to know what you guys think. It’d be awesome if we can make this happen!

I’ve to add that #TeamSeas’ goal is until end of 2021, so if the community decides to follow up on this, it’ll most likely be temporary. But, hey, this thread was made to discuss the proposal so, lmk your thoughts!

I’d support that, I was part of a group in 2019 that was looking at ways to use fees within consensus to have a green impact which included introducing a sort of green tax that went to green offsetting programs, rewarding nodes that could prove they were using a level of renewable energy, reducing energy consumption through green focused alternatives to PoW and reducing storage requirements and other mechanisms. That was just around reducing carbon emissions but reducing plastics in the ocean and other green initiatives are just as important.

I’m a firm believer that big technology has a responsibility to be green, now more than ever, and so such initiatives will become increasingly important.

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I disagree, This proposal is conflict with EIP-1599 which base fee will be used to burn $STAKE to fight inflation from Easystaking, Validator/Delegator reward and plus burning $STAKE is better marketing in itself.

I would recommend you to take another approach instead.

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I understand $STAKE holder’s position. Burning is a big thing in crypto, it increases token value along with adoption.

Base fee is going to be used to buy back $STAKE. Users can also pay extra to speed-up their transactions. Why not add another feature like that? It can be mandatory, or optional.

Throwing out ideas : )

Instead of using base fee from transaction. Why not used interest cumulative from Compound/AAVE(Dune Analytics) to avoid community outrage. it can even go along with slogan like “Help grow a Tree by keeping you asset on xDai” something like that.

I’m not sure if you’re reading my messages :innocent:

Base fee was not mentioned in the original post and in my clarification, I stated that we can add another feature like PRIORITYFEE.

Using base fee to donate to #TeamTrees/#TeamSeas will not pass for obvious reasons :fire: