Getting ready for the Ethereum Classic Hard Fork

Hi Nifty Team

Can someone check which node client is being used for Ethereum Classic? We recommend Core-Geth v1.11.18 for the upcoming hard fork on the network

You can read more about it here:

we don’t host any nodes for ETC and using public endpoints in Nifty

who’s endpoints? the Cooperative?

so we are using

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thats all i needed!

if possible – can you email me at so i can have your contact? it would make my life slightly easier if i could email you with the rest of the wallet providers

thanks again!

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I just became aware of an issue with Ethercluster that affected all wallets using the service. Apparently it was fixed on the 4th, but it might explain any issues your users might have had with ETC recently

There are a few node services i would recommend over Ethercluster. I strongly urge you to move off of this service as there is little to no maintenance happening

BloqCloud or OpenRelay (links in next post)

You can also contact me directly for more information, I know both the teams.

We don’t host BlockScout for ETC. is proxying nodes hosted by ETC Coop.
You should contact Bob Summerwill (Executive Director for the ETC Cooperative) wrt the changing of endpoints for archive nodes.

you misunderstood me. Im recommending you change from Ethercluster

here is the same issue im sharing with MyEtherWallet

You should contact Bob wrt your suggestion.