Github Page Edits and On Governance

Motivation: There’s some potential issues with the current wiki page and ease with regarding to editing said pages.

Full disclosure - this is a mix of tech support and governance.

  1. Github’s wiki is not a great community tool
  2. An online edit of any type cannot be treated as the ‘truth’

Am I correct in my understanding - does a wiki page need full and open editing privileges set to allow for edits. I’ve tried cloning and doing pull requests - but to no avail. The only thing that works is to create a new ‘page’ and add to the table of contents. This is non-ideal.

But even so, I think governance related matters on must be agreed to via a vote.

@jflowers I could add you as an editor to GitHub wiki… it’s not the best wiki around and will migrate somewhere else, but for now it’s good to show activity on GitHub

So, which your GitHub handle should I add.

I thank you, and not to be a broken record:

I just want people to understand my viewpoint) - a github wiki is a great place for the dissemination of information. It is not a good place for policy making or governance. It just was never designed for that function.

So rules that have been discussed, debated, and finalized (however is most appropriate - voting protocols are emerging at present) - should be placed here.

And of course the nuts-and-bolts or HOWTOs of the platform.

EDIT: Even so, we all must be vigilant - as critical thinking and interpretation are a part of our duties (in my opinion) - errors will creep up. Pointing these out or asking for evidence is welcomed, we are after all human.