Governance discussion - on ballots and participation


It might be not cool but this is what we signed up for and are getting rewarded for. If we want to make a change to the existing governance model the only way is to create on-chain ballot and vote. Simple as that.


@marat – “business days” wouldn’t impact when you vote only the length of the voting period. So a ballot initiated on a Friday with 48 hour duration would expire on Monday/Tuesday, not Sunday


Yes, currently it doesn’t support it. Therefore, we cannot change any rules until it does. Our governance model is simple and young. However, there are rules that we should all follow. We cannot strike off-chain deals. This is the idea behind the project and we should do our job.


How about we start designing the ballot… version 0.1


Could you help the team with designing the ballot in solidity? I believe we can pick any general purpose ballot template from the internet.


Why not prototype in google docs - so that more validators can partake. Once a good format is ready, then code it up.


I like the design. Let’s test it on Sokol.