Grassroots Economics Foundation as a validator

Hi All,

I’m the founder of Grassroots Economics - we represent over 10k and growing xDAI users in Kenya. Our users are people living at or below the poverty line trading their goods and services together with about 400 transactions daily on xDAI using COmmunity Inclusion Currencies. We depend greatly on blockchain data to help our users and are interested in being a validator / node operator of the POA network (xDAI).

We are among the team that deployed the Bancor contracts on xDAI (and poa mainnet before) and have a 2 year development plan with Red Cross to continue working on those contracts and using xDAI while working with Humanitarian Aid partners to scale the usage world wide.

xDAI is already changing lives daily. Thanks for all your hard work and happy to be part of the community.




Hopefully this will receive support from the community. These are the types of projects that are vital to this community.