Have I lost all my coins? (POA)

Hello all,

Today I transferred 5000 POA coins to HITBTC from my Trustwallet. Unfortunately, I only saw later that I sent it to a POA20 address.

In the Blockchain I don’t see any problems. The transfer seems to be successful, but at HITBTC they are not credited to my wallet. I have contacted HITBTC and according to them I have lost everything. Is this correct? If it is, I find it all very unclear.

As you said yourself, transfer was successful and you sent the coins to the CEX. This means only they can access them = help you.

This is what they told me

Dear Trader,

I’ll be happy to provide further explanation.

You see, we have two similar tokens available on our platform - POA and POA20. POA is operated via its own network (the one that you’ve used to conduct this operation), while POA20 is an ERC-20 token. I can see that you’ve used an ethereum address for this deposit, this is why the funds weren’t credited. This address that you’ve used is not programmed to handle POA deposits, unfortunately.

At the moment we don’t have software to recover these funds mistakenly sent via an incorrect network. However, we’ll surely let you know if we implement it.

I’m sorry to bring these unfortunate news. Don’t hesitate to contact us in case of any further question.

Best regards,

this is the transaction

lol. So, i’m loading my Trustwallet up from my other account. Balance is 0? Balance on blockscout is 11.000? So, i added another 3000 coins. Never showing up?

What is happening here. I’m losing 20.000 coins, for what?

Ok, said nothing. It’s there after a couple of hours.

My main question still remains. Who can help me get met POA coins back that i have send to a POA20 account on HITBTC?

Person who has access / holds private key from this address: 0x87727fA3eedAE5735C0aEF25bCF5A27fd2a9DfFE = HITBTC

These people are not willing to help me because of security reasons or something. They say i have to wait for software that can fix this problem. I’m furious. These are my tokens, and because they wan’t to share the private key, they can help me. So, i’m stuck. I made a mistake, but it is fixable but not without the help of this exchange.

So, there is no-one who can help me out? Are there some devs that can contact HITBTC to help me? I really appreciate it…

Is it possible that i ever get my coins back? Or is it possible that there will be software in the future that i can rescue my coins?

As HitBTC has said, they should be able to help you in the future. they are the only ones who can help you.