Heavy CPU Load Seen on my VM - Network Issues

Using the Azure monitoring app on my iPhone, I noticed that my host’s CPU basically max’ed out on Friday. I had hoped that it was a mistake (perhaps still is), but it is Saturday and I still see that my host’s CPU is max’ed out. Now my CPU credits consumed is zero - so I don’t know if this means that I’m not the one running the CPU around.

I also noted (on Friday - on my raspberry pi monitoring station in the office) that I was a-ok with regard to being seen on the testnet… but I just looked again…and am wondering if the network needs to be restarted ( I see Igor and Roman as the only nodes up).

Don’t know if these have anything in common or are totally separate issues. Cheers.

Hi Jeff.

We broke the testnet today. There is an issue about broken consensus https://github.com/paritytech/parity/issues/6761 and it’s safe to delete the testnet VM. We will recreate it from scratch and will test ceremony again.

Thank you for your cooperations on the second testnet

Att @Micwebnet @elillian @Sasha2000 @777zba @henryvishnevsky @johndangerstorey @wkarshat . It’s time to delete VMs.

@rstorm @jflowers, please leave your vms up for debugging :slight_smile:

How to delete VM:

  • Open https://portal.azure.com
  • Login
  • Open All resources
  • Select All resources (if you run only VMs of testnet, otherwise it can be dangerous)
  • Delete. You may need to repeat it several times due to inability of Azure to delete all resources in one batch

Yeah, not a problem :wink: Gotta break stuff to make stuff… Will spin up a new one.

Please vote for a new testnet name A name for the new testnet

Did the testnet lose consensus for good? How do you diagnose broken consensus?

Also saw CPU saturation on the node: