Help 3500 KETH for resinous collection system testing

We are a startup company in Serbia, and building a resinous material collection system in Website and Mobile application.
Using this system, users would be assigned wallet addresses in QRcode, and we pay coins into their wallet when they provide resinous materials.
Also, users could purchase resinous goods using their coins.
We thought this would be good system for our green world.
All of the basic features and smart contracts were completed, and system is in testing stage.
We planned to test this system in kovan test net using KETH, but it’s big trouble that we couldn’t get enough KETH.
We tried to get enough KETH, but it took too long time.
So, if you could help us, we would be so happy and appreciate for your help.
Now, we can start final testing when we have 3500KETH(we already have got 500KETH).
Hope you to help use.
Thanks in advance.