Help hosting the Kovan Faucet

Hi team,

Do you need help hosting the site:

I’m happy to lend a hand, it seems the site goes down fairly often. We use the kovan testnet a lot for development purposes, but the faucet is often down. Is there any way we can help here?


If not, is there some way I can be added as a validator so I can run my own faucet?

Would love to help keep this service going.

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Hey Patrick, it’s cool you are offering to help with this. Any chance you good share some Kovan Testnet ETH? 0x26cf02F892B04aF4Cf350539CE2C77FCF79Ec172

I’m working through this chainlink VRF tutorial and as you know the Kovan faucets are down - GitHub - austintgriffith/scaffold-eth at chainlink-tutorial-1

I have watched some of your videos with Austin Griffith on YouTube, great stuff and really helpful.

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Thanks so much. I really appreciate that @PatrickAlphaC

The faucet is hosted here Chainlink Faucet