HELP! $MASK tokens transfer from ethereum to xdai via omni bridge struck


Im trying to trasfer $MASK tokens from ethereum mainnet to XDAI using the omibridge. But the transfer seems to be stuck. I have transfered other tokens sucessfully before. With the $MASK token transfer I tried an hour ago, the receiving transaction on the xdai side is stuck even after 45 min. Why is this happening?

This is the sending transaction,

This is the receiving transaction,

How do I get my $MASK tokens back?

  1. This is something with your receiving transaction indexing on the BlockScout side. You can use another block explorer to double check that the transaction was successful. For example,

  2. The token address on the xDai chain is not the same. The simplest way to add a bridge token to the MetaMask is to press the fox icon in the OB UI: