Help needed. Dai nowhere to be found. Exchanged xdai to dai using herokuapp

Someone please help me. I used the and exchanged xDai to Dai using your app. In metamask it says the transaction was confirmed but my DAI are nowhere to be found. I am stressed out about it as it around 545 DAI. I would be so greatful for any help.

This is the transaction ID from metamask in the Xdai network: 0x6931a44332dbdfd43fe408bac6d7df2a0e611b68d74180c39d977aa8f6b7c3e6

activity log

Transaction created with a value of 545 ETH at 11:51 on 9/28/2020.
Transaction submitted with gas fee of 0 WEI at 11:51 on 9/28/2020.
Transaction confirmed at 11:51 on 9/28/2020.

What can I do to get my Dai back?

I see that 545 DAI appeared on your account:

Due to gas price spikes I would say that the transfer xDa->Dai could take more than usual.

Hi, I’ll add that I’m having the same issue however in the other direction. Tx can be found here:

Tx obviously shows as completed but no xDai to be found. Are there any congestion issues you are currently aware of?

Edit: xDai appeared after ~1 hr 45 mins