Helpful Videos and Suggestions Sought

I know that our very own Roman Storm is making high-quality youTube videos on various aspects of the POA Network.

To those ends, I’ve been creating some as well:

I’m thinking of some more, love to get feedback and ideas. I was thinking that perhaps walking through how to then take one’s POA20 and put it on a DEX? What do people think?


Cool video Jeff!

We’ll include some more of validators contributions in the next newsletter and your video is a good example of that! We also have Gregory from DApp University creating videos for us who put them in a nice POA Bridge playlist.


Awww awesome helpful video Jeff! Thanks for making another useful video to support POA :slight_smile:

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Thanks all. Been making more, and also have a number of visual quickstarts written up.

I’m just adding the videos to my channel - and just looking on the channel/forum for ideas/what folks seem to be asking about. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

A couple more Videos:


Great stuff, Jeff. I always see questions on Telegram and additional resources should be mutually beneficial for the community and for @Ziggy, Godfather and @1proof. They put in a lot of work.

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Jeff @jflowers - thank you for creating those videos. Very helpful! Is there a centralized repository of resources/videos/etc somewhere on the forum or wiki? Apologies if I missed.

Maybe it makes sense to create a page on the wiki that aggregates videos and other helpful materials. We could even add those videos into a new section within this page

Some visual quick starts that I’ve made… A work in progress. Just like myself.


This is great! Thanks for sharing. haha we are all work in progress