How can I contribute for Oracles (POA) ico


Pls show me how to join POA ico, I try to access token from, but I don’t see the button “Add to whitelist”


ICO was finished at the pre-sale stage and not available anymore.


is it going to be a public sale ? do I have to do something in order to attend to a future public sale ?


Sorry, It’s sold out. No public sale.


I contributed 0.98 ETH yesterday on 27th November to participate in 1% presale from my ETH walletet address {the address has been removed}. Transaction is successful to the Oracle Network given address which{the address has been removed} ,but I still did not get any ETH contrubution when I check it.
Could anyone please advise what to?Thanks


Our presale finished on Nov 17th, and since that, we did not accept any payments directly. Here is our official page

I don’t know where you contributed but likely it’s another project or scam.


Thanks for your prompt reply.
I contribute to the address provided on your official website.
I opened your website then clicked on 1% sale, It took me to the new window with eth address for contribution.
I have attached screenshots of the official page.
Please help me in refund. Thanks {the picture has been removed}


{the picture has been removed}


I’m sorry, but this is not our website. It’s a fake website. We reported it multiple times to:


OMG. I have been looted by this fake website.
Is there anyway I can report for this website scam and can get my ETH contribution back?


I lost 6 ETH today as well! I was stupid and missed the fake website.


When oracles (POA) appear on exchanges, I search it on coinmarketcap but no see


It is not listed on exchanges yet. Stay tuned for updates!