How can I convert Dai to Dollars?



Questions: I received xDai and successfully converted it to Dai. How can I off ramp my DAI to USD and get it on my bank account?

The smoothest and easiest way to convert Dai to USD and to get it to your bank account is to use Wyre service. MakerDAO has partnered up with Wyre to offer the first Compliant Fiat On/Off Ramp for DAI.

DAI is currently available via Wyre API as follows:

  • On-ramps from major fiat currencies (USD; AUD; GBP; EUR;)
  • Off-ramps into major fiat currencies (USD; AUD; GBP; CAD; EUR; MXN; BRL)
  • Convert with major cryptocurrencies (BTC; ETH)

Wyre users can now convert their Dai to USD (or other supported currencies) and get it in their bank account.