How do I set the individual price of my tokens

Hi Guys, Please can you make me thick proof.

I want to make my tokens individually be 15 usd each but I don’t know how to do that.

I have made several test contracts but when I go to the invest page to buy tokens it comes up on meta mask as example 75 tokens. 75 x15 = 1125
but costing comes up as 0.750000 eth …272.113 USD(not including gas price).

What am I doing wrong?

How do I get rid of Rate in the contract? as the ETH price fluctuates if I have 100 fixed tokens, for example, to 1 ETH then customers or I will lose out.

I know you can change the rate every day if settings is on modify but I would prefer not to have to keep changing it every day. It wont let me have rate 0 but somehow when I changed a contract I deleted the rate somehow accidentially and if I did have 0 would the customer get no tokens if they bought 1 ETH worth or does it over ride that.

I also have put my decimal at 0 because I want my tokens to be bought whole rather than in parts.

Any help you can give me I would be grateful. I have read github and watched videos but I cant find the answer I am looking for.

Many Thanks

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