How long is an xdai -> dai transfer supposed to take?

This transaction is from almost half an hour ago now, from the token bridge ui:

I’m still not seeing a corresponding dai transfer in here:


This TX just came through:

corresponding to:

Should I be prepared for a 40 minute wait sometimes?

On bull run/gas price wars/congestion it takes longer.
If both networks are with free capacity then its 85sec + 15sec ~ 55 sec per transfer xdai to dai and 815 sec + 15 sec for a user’s transfer + 5 sec xDai transfer ~140 sec per transfer dai to xdai.

@akolotov please correct me if I am wrong

Generally speaking, yes. Why these particular transactions were transferred slowly can be answered after detailed analysis of the bridge validators traffic. I can do this later today.

Thanks! If you’re looking at my tx history, I was doing a thing where I would tag the amounts with a random number at the end so that might help your analysis.